Grants FAQ

How do we know if we are eligible for a grant?   Please refer to our grants guidelines page to make sure your organization meets all of our requirements and falls within our geographic area. If you still have questions, you may contact the foundation.

How much should we apply for?  We do not set certain giving levels, but instead will leave it open to grantees and their needs.

Do you fund individuals?   We do not provide funding to individuals. We currently only give grants to 501 (c)(3) organizations and educational institutions.

If we are not funded, how soon can we reapply?   You may reapply the following grant cycle.

Our proposal was denied for a grant, can we find out why?  Yes, you may contact the foundation via email at

Our program has previously been awarded a grant from the Wes Welker Foundation. May we apply for another grant?  Yes, you may apply for another grant. We evaluate each grant application based on need.